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WHO mental health gap action programme (mhGAP) intervention guide: updated systematic review on evidence and impact
Keynejad, Roxanne; Spagnolo, Jessica; Thornicroft, Graham

Association between mental disorders and somatic conditions: protocol for an umbrella review
Cortese, Samuele; Solmi, Marco; Arrondo, Gonzalo; Cipriani, Andrea; Fusar-Poli, Paolo; Larsson, Henrik; Correll, Christoph

COVID-19 vaccines, hesitancy and mental health
Smith, Katharine; Lambe, Sinead; Freeman, Daniel; Cipriani, Andrea

Moving from tradition-based to competence-based psychotherapy
Rief, Winfried

Mind the methods of determining minimal important differences: three critical issues to consider
Devji, Tahira; Carrasco-Labra, Alonso; Guyatt, Gordon

Mental health first aid: strengthening its impact for aid recipients
Mei, Cristina; McGorry, Patrick D.

TableOne: an online web application and R package for summarising and visualising data
Panos, Agapios; Mavridis, Dimitris

Consent to discuss participation in research: a pilot study
Walker, Sophie; Potts, Jennifer; Martos, Lola; Barrera, Alvaro; Hancock, Mark; Bell, Stuart; Geddes, John; Cipriani, Andrea; Henshall, Catherine

Challenges in meta-analyses with observational studies
Metelli, Silvia; Chaimani, Anna

COVID-19, mental health and ethnic minorities
Smith, Katharine; Bhui, Kamaldeep; Cipriani, Andrea

Digital phenotyping for mental health of college students: a clinical review
Melcher, Jennifer; Hays, Ryan; Torous, John

Introducing artificial intelligence in acute psychiatric inpatient care: qualitative study of its use to conduct nursing observations
Barrera, Alvaro; Gee, Carol; Wood, Andrew; Gibson, Oliver; Bayley, Daniel; Geddes, John

Personalise antidepressant treatment for unipolar depression combining individual choices, risks and big data (PETRUSHKA): rationale and protocol
Tomlinson, Anneka; Furukawa, Toshi A.; Efthimiou, Orestis; Salanti, Georgia; De Crescenzo, Franco; Singh, Ilina; Cipriani, Andrea

Natural language processing for structuring clinical text data on depression using UK-CRIS
Vaci, Nemanja; Liu, Qiang; Kormilitzin, Andrey; De Crescenzo, Franco; Kurtulmus, Ayse; Harvey, Jade; O’Dell, Bessie; Innocent, Simeon; Tomlinson, Anneka; Cipriani, Andrea; Nevado-Holgado, Alejo

Longitudinal trends in the quality, effectiveness and attributes of highly rated smartphone health apps
Mercurio, Mara; Larsen, Mark; Wisniewski, Hannah; Henson, Philip; Lagan, Sarah; Torous, John

Evaluation of a mental health drop-in centre offering brief transdiagnostic psychological assessment and treatment for children and adolescents with long-term physical conditions and their families: a single-arm, open, non-randomised trial
Catanzano, Matteo; Bennett, Sophie D.; Kerry, Ellie; Liang, Holan; Heyman, Isobel; Coughtrey, Anna E.; Fifield, Kate; Taylor, Chloe; Dalgleish, Tim; Xu, Laila; Shafran, Roz

Mental health disorders research in Europe, 2001-2018
Begum, Mursheda; Lewison, Grant; Wolbert, Eva; Brigham, Karen Berg; Darlington, Meryl; Durand-Zaleski, Isabelle; Sullivan, Richard

Creating a prepared mental health workforce: comparative illustrations of implementation strategies
Chorpita, Bruce F.; Daleiden, Eric L.; Vera, Juan Diego; Guan, Karen

App-based guided problem-solving intervention for adolescent mental health: a pilot cohort study in Indian schools
Gonsalves, Pattie P.; Hodgson, Eleanor Sara; Bhat, Bhargav; Sharma, Rhea; Jambhale, Abhijeet; Michelson, Daniel; Patel, Vikram

Telemedicine for endocrinological care of transgender subjects during COVID-19 pandemic
Gava, Giulia; Seracchioli, Renato; Meriggiola, M. Cristina