Table 2

Association between antipsychotic medication and violent crime suspicions or suicidal behaviour in personality disorders as reported by incident rate ratios (IRR) derived from between-individual analyses

CasesRate (SE)IRR95% CICasesRate (SE)IRR95% CI
Violent crime suspicions
No medication (ref)711626.9 (0.6)1.0010672.7 (0.1)1.00
 Medication17 16652.4 (1.0)1.951.84 to 2.0632718.4 (0.3)3.112.80 to 3.47
Suicidal behaviour
 No medication (ref)26 901112.6 (1.1)1.0035 78897.9 (0.8)1.00
 Medication45 694145.4 (1.2)1.291.26 to 1.3357 023151.4 (1.1)1.551.51 to 1.58
  • Medication refers to individuals that have at least one purchase of antipsychotic medication during the follow-up, while those in no medication group do not have any purchases of antipsychotics. Models are adjusted for age, education, living arrangement and use of antidepressants and hypnotics/anxiolytics.