Table 3

Primary mental health outcomes at the mid-pandemic primary end point (T4) and at postintervention (T2)

Time pointMTPsy-EdUnadjusted (I–C)Adjusted (I-C)
NMean (SD)NMean (SD)Mean diff.Mean diff.95% CIP value
CES-DPostintervention20415.9 (9.8)19616.9 (10.9)−1.2−1.1−3.1 to 0.90.27
Mid-pandemic10620.8 (11.4)10121.2 (12.7)−0.1−0.09−2.9 to 2.80.95
SDQ-TotalPostintervention20311.8 (5.7)19613.0 (5.9)−0.8−0.8−1.9 to 0.20.13
Mid-pandemic10413.3 (4.9)10113.3 (6.0)0.80.8−0.7 to 2.40.28
WEMWBSPostintervention20348.0 (9.8)19647.7 (10.1)1.00.9−0.9 to 2.70.34
Mid-pandemic10644.6 (8.9)10145.2 (11.2)−0.002−0.08−2.6 to 2.40.95
  • Data presented are complete cases. Inferential statistics are on the full imputed data set (n=460).

  • C, Control (Psy-Ed); CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale; I, Intervention (MT); MT, mindfulness training; Psy-Ed, psychoeducation training; SDQ-Total, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Total Score; WEMWBS, Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale.