Table 2

Primary affective executive control outcomes at postintervention (T2)

MTPsy-EdUnadjusted (I–C)Adjusted (I-C)
NMean (SD)NMean (SD)Mean diff.Mean diff.95% CIP value
CAMM-Total20424.8 (7.8)19524.2 (8.2)−0.08−0.1−1.7 to 1.40.86
BRIEF-Total187133.3 (25.4)175136.9 (26.8)−4.4−2.5−6.9 to 1.90.27
DERS-Total20085.8 (23.4)19487.1 (25.8)0.81.0−3.8 to 5.70.69
aSART-C168−0.1 (4.0)1570.2 (4.1)−0.3−0.3−1.4 to 0.70.52
aSART-RTV168−0.005 (0.1)158−0.007 (0.1)−0.004−0.01−0.1 to 0.10.90
aSTROOP17238.1 (72.0)16254.3 (111.5)−18.9−20.2−41.7 to 1.40.07
aWMC148−0.02 (0.1)156−0.02 (0.1)0.020.02−0.1 to 0.10.61
  • Data presented are complete cases. Inferential statistics are on the full imputed data set (n=460). aSART-C was computed as the number of errors in the negative condition minus the number in the neutral condition. aSART-RTV was computed as RTV in negative condition minus the RTV in the neutral condition. aStroop was computed as mean reaction time in the incongruent trials minus mean reaction time in the congruent trials. aWMC was computed as the proportion of correctly remembered words in the neutral condition minus the proportion remembered in the negative condition.

  • aSART-C, Affective Sustained Attention to Response Task Commission; aSART-RTV, Affective Sustained Attention to Response Task Reaction Time Variance; aStroop, Affective Stroop Performance; aWMC, Affective Working Memory Capacity; BRIEF-Total, Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function version 2 Global Composite Score; C, Control (Psy-Ed); CAMM-Total, Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure Total Score; DERS-Total, Difficulties with Emotion Regulation Scale Total Score; I, Intervention (MT); MT, mindfulness training; Psy-Ed, psychoeducation training.