Table 1

Role-play questions used to measure adolescents’ interest in mental health predictive testing, as well as preferences towards sharing personal data; created by the authors

1. Would you like to know your chances of facing the following challenges?Depressed mood, attention and hyperactivity problems, disorganised thoughts and hearing voices, problems with anxiety, conduct problems, difficulties with memory and learning, addiction problems, problematic relationship with food, none of the above
2. What data would you be happy to provide for the assessment?Digital data: Google search history, GPS and activity tracker information, information about the way I type on my phone (eg, typing speed), shopping history, social media data, text messages and voice conversations recorded from my phone, viewing history from video and music online platforms
Biological data: Hormone levels, my genetic data, heart rate, general health records, a picture of my brain
Psychosocial data: Lifestyle information from questionnaires, psychological tests, family mental health history, disciplinary records from my school, my grades
Note: Items were presented ungrouped, in a randomly selected order; ‘none of the above’ was included as a final item