Table 2

Summary characteristics of individual PROMs

Characteristics of individual PROMs (n=204)N%
Target age group*
 Children or adolescents5226
 Adults or older adults15274
 Type of measure
 Designed for mental health3919
Main category of outcome measurement
Year of development
Region of development
 North America8843
 South America10
Characteristics of individual PROMs or PROM families relevant for MS, MN and MP EEs (n=134) n %
 MP: availability of separate adult and child/adolescents versions1612
 MP: availability of a proxy-completion option2720
 MS: feasibility of assessing outcomes beyond health, that is, capabilities or caregiver, family or social care outcomes118
 MN: availability of multiple translations (two or more language versions of the instrument)9772
 EE: availability of a value set1511
 MN: availability of value set in more than one country97
  • *If the target demographic group was not stated, the measure was considered designed for adults.

  • †Characteristics of 88 individual PROMs (one version available) and 116 scales grouped into 46 PROM families (more than one distinct version of the same questionnaire exist).

  • EE, economic evaluation; MN, multinational; MP, multiperson; MS, multisectoral; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure; QOL, quality of life.