Table 2

Costs and treatment benefit

Fixed cost of scale-up (annual equivalent)$55 666
Fixed programme infrastructure cost (central overhead cost + cost of service user mobilisation + cost of DHPO input to the programme; annual)$114 753
Total fixed programme cost per year$170 419
Variable cost of treatment per service user (clinical assessment + treatment sessions + indirect and case review costs + LHW peer group meeting attendance)$3.37
Cost of usual care per service user$0.33
Contribution of each cost component to total annual cost of FB
Fixed cost of scale-up, %31
Fixed programme infrastructure cost, %63
Treatment cost*, %6
Programme benefit
YLD over 24 months per service user: FB0.414
YLD over 24 months per service user: usual care0.502
YLD averted per service user due to treatment with FB0.088
Incremental net benefit of FB treatment per service user0.084 YLD averted
NNT (base case estimate: CET=$600 per YLD averted)3413 service users
One-way sensitivity analysis (varying CET)CET=$300 per YLD avertedCET=$1200 per YLD averted
NNT7269 service users1656 service users
Two-way sensitivity analysis of ICER2020 treatment coverage (base case: 12 364 treated)50% of 2020 treatment coverage (6182 treated)25% of 2020 treatment coverage (3091 treated)
Treatment effect=100% of prevalence ratio for CMD observed in FB trial$191 per YLD averted$347 per YLD averted $659 per YLD averted
50%$302 per YLD averted$549 per YLD averted$1044 per YLD averted
25%$528 per YLD averted$961 per YLD averted$1827 per YLD averted
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  • *Annual cost of treatment calculated at the cost-effective NNT value.

  • CET, cost-effectiveness threshold; CMD, common mental disorder; DHPO, district health promotion officer; FB, Friendship Bench; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; LHW, lay health worker; NNT, number needed to treat; YLD, year lived with disability.