Table 1

Properties of each study including length of study, N, ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) collected and passive data streams collected

AuthorsYearNew data setFocusNDurationEMA typeEMAAccelerometerApp usageBattery/chargeBrowser historyBluetoothCall logsCamera eventsScreenLocationLight sensorMicrophoneSMS/EmailLock/unlock
Wang et al 8 2017Mental health4810 weeksSurvey8/day (avg)
Chow et al 14 2017Social anxiety632 weeksSurvey6/day (avg)
Wang et al 23 2018Depression839 weeksPHQ-41/week
Sano et al 15 2015GPA, sleep, stress661 monthSurvey2/day
Boukhechba et al 16 2018Mental health722 weeksSurvey7/day
Boukhechba et al 31 2018Social anxiety2282 weeksN/AN/A
DaSilva et al 30 2019Stress7243 daysMPSM1/day
Xu et al 24 2019Depression350106 daysN/AN/A
Abdullah et al 17 2014Sleep997 daysSleep journal1/day
Doryab et al 25 2019Loneliness16016 weeksN/AN/A
Jacques et al 18 2015Happiness681 monthsurvey2/day
Vhaduri et al 12 2016Activity195Three semestersN/AN/A
Lane et al 13 2014Sleep, physical activity, social activity2719 daysN/AN/A
Gong et al 32 2019Social anxiety522 weeksN/AN/A
Huang et al 28 2016Social anxiety1810 daysN/AN/A
Boukhechba et al 33 2017Social anxiety542 weeksN/AN/A
Asselbergs et al 34 2016Mood2735.5 days (avg)eMate5/day
Wang et al 27 2015GPA4810 weekssurvey8/day (avg)
Jacobson et al 19 2020Social anxiety592 weeksN/AN/A
Marquet et al 26 2018Physical activity741 weeksurvey3/day
Ben-Zeev et al 29 2015Mental health4710 weeksSurvey5/week
Singh et al 20 2016Cooperation5410 weeksN/AN/A
Saeb et al 10 2016Depression4810 weeksN/AN/A
Lee et al 21 2016Problematic phone usage9527 daysN/AN/A
Stütz et al 22 2015Stress152 weeksSurvey7/day
  • GPA, Grade point average; MPSM, Mobile photographic stress meter; N, Number of participants in the study; PHQ, Patient health questionnaire; SMS, Short message service.