Table 3

Background characteristics of patients with bipolar disorder using smartphones for daily self-monitoring, n=117

Age, years30.9 (9.9)
Female gender, % (n)62.4 (73)
Full time employed, % (n)17.1 (20)
Illness duration, years16.3 (8.8)
Bipolar disorder subtype I, % (n)63.2 (74)
Number of hospitalisations2 (1–3)
Number of depressive episodes4 (2–10)
Number of manic episodes3 (2–7)
17-Item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale score during follow-up8.77 (7.13)
Young Mania Rating Scale score during follow-up3.07 (4.32)
  • Data are mean (SD), median (IQR) or proportions (n) unless otherwise stated.