Table 3

Estimated regression parameters, SE and p values for the GLMM. For care professional role summaries see online supplementary table 3

ORSEP value
Time to appointment0.990.00<0.001
Referral number0.910.00
Age at appointment1.020.00<0.001
Time of day
 Afternoon Reference
SMS allowed
 Not allowed Reference
Employment status
 Employed Reference
 Unemployed and seeking work0.670.01<0.001
 Full or part-time student0.980.010.20
 Long-term sick or disabled0.640.01<0.001
 Not receiving sickness and disability benefits and not working0.600.04<0.001
 Unpaid voluntary work0.540.03<0.001
 Not stated0.640.04<0.001
Statutory sick pay indicator
 No Reference
 Not stated0.660.03<0.001
Step intensity
 Not stated Reference
 High intensity—first step1.710.03<0.001
 High intensity—stepped up0.750.03<0.001
 Low intensity—first step1.390.03<0.001
 Low intensity—stepped down0.070.03<0.001
Referral source
 GP Reference
Appointment purpose
 Assessment and treatment Reference
 Assessment only0.860.370.68
 Treatment only0.980.310.94
 Follow-up after left treatment2.180.430.07
 Review and treatment0.860.330.65
 Review only1.770.370.12
Consultation medium
 Email Reference
 Face to face communication0.590.420.21
 Talk type for a person unable to speak0.220.480.002
 Telemedicine web camera0.410.490.07
 Female Reference
 Not specified1.590.220.03
 Not known0.690.370.33
Long-term condition status
 No Reference
 Person asked but declined to provide a response0.650.12<0.001
 Person asked and does not know or is not sure0.650.13<0.001
 Agoraphobia-mobility inventory Reference
 Panic Disorder Severity Scale4.160.36<0.001
 Generalised anxiety disorder assessment3.180.33<0.001
 Obsessive compulsive inventory5.650.34<0.001
 Impact of events scale—revised5.090.34<0.001
 Social phobia inventory6.050.34<0.001
  • ASDM, anxiety disorder specific measure.