Table 2

Assessment of methodological quality of studies from 2009 to 2018 reviewed by Belsher et al using selected items of PROBAST tool10

StudyEvents per variableHandling of missing dataCalibration plot or table comparing predicted vs observed outcome probabilities
Amini et al, 2016NRExpectation maximisationNR
Barak-Corren et al, 2017NRComplete-case analysisNR
Choi et al, 2018NRNRNR
DelPozo-Banos et al, 2018NRNRNR
Ilgen et al, 2009NRNRNR
Kessler et al, 2015NRNearest neighbour, multiple and rational imputationNR
Kessler et al, 2017NRNearest neighbour and rational imputationNR
Kessler et al, 2017bNRComplete-case analysisNR
McCarthy et al, 2015NRNRNR
Simon et al, 2018NRNRTabulated but not reported graphically
  • NR, not reported.¬†References in online supplementary file 1.