Table 3

Psychiatric questionnaire scores of paediatric intensive care unit cohort and illness subgroups

Full cohortMeningoencephalitisSeptic illnessOther illnesses
Mean±SD% (n/N)Mean±SD% (n/N)Mean±SD% (n/N)Mean±SD% (n/N)
 Total score11.28±6.4212.11±7.4712.62±6.6510.09±5.63
 High psychiatric risk20.3 (14/69)16.7 (3/18)27.8 (5/18)18.2 (6/33)
 Total score11.25±10.5912.93±11.9116.17±8.636.67±9.25
 High PTSD risk31.8 (14/71)35.7 (5/14)50 (6/12)16.7 (3/18)
  • Values represented as mean±SD and frequency. Percentages were calculated over the total number of observations in each category excluding missing data.

  • IES-8, Impact of Events Scale; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; SDQ, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire.