Table 2

Guidelines for Reporting Articles on Psychiatry and Heart rate variability14

TopicNumberChecklist Item
Participant selection1
Psychiatric group selection1aRecruitment details and assessment methods
Control group selection1bRecruitment details and methods to rule out psychiatric illness
Inclusion criteria1cDescription of criteria (eg, absence of physical health problems)
Disease characteristics1dDescription of disease duration, severity, comorbidities and medication
Demographics1eDetails on age, gender, physical activity levels, smoking and so on
R–R interval collection2
Hardware/software details2aBrand and electrode configuration
R–R interval collection details2bSampling rate, length of data, time of day, filtering, posture and participant instructions
Data analysis and cleaning3
R–R interval calculation3aR–R interval calculation and resampling methods
R–R interval artefact identification3bR–R interval artefact identification method
(eg, algorithm and manual inspection)
R–R interval data loss3cReasons for loss (eg, ectopy and equipment failure)
R–R interval cleaning3dArtefact cleaning methods and percentage of corrected beats
HRV calculation4
Method of analysis used4aMetrics used and software for calculation, log transform
Frequency bands used4bSpecification of frequency bands and their interpretation
  • HRV, heart rate variability.