Table 5

Spearman’s correlations with child’s socioemotional functioning at 6 weeks

VariableSDQ emotional problemsSDQ conduct problemsSDQ hyperactivitySDQ peer problemsSDQ prosocial behaviourSDQ total
Injury talk0.
Direct injury talk0.
Indirect injury talk0.110.05−
Total injury talk with mother0.02−−0.04
Direct injury talk with mother−0.02−0.130.14−0.020.26*−0.05
Indirect injury talk with mother0.00−−0.06
Total injury talk with father−0.12−0.15−0.07−0.030.24−0.16
Direct injury talk with father−0.14−0.050.03−0.110.27*−0.14
Indirect injury talk with father−0.14−0.19−0.08−0.020.13−0.17
Overall injury talk tone−0.10−0.03−−0.07
Mother injury talk tone−0.26−0.15−0.12−0.190.19−0.25
Father injury talk tone−0.31−0.13−0.30−0.17−0.06−0.32
  • n=60.

  • *p<0.05, injury talk presented as percentage of wake time.

  • SDQ, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire.