Table 2

Themes in injury talk

ThemeDescriptionExample of verbatim transcript*
Details of the eventA recount/discussion of the event that caused the injuryAM: Oh (Child’s name)’s all grown up. Oh my goodness oh what have you done?
C: Had to go to hospital … because I fell over the top of my horse’s head…
AM: Ah.
F: Face planted….
AM: Goodness me.
F: Ended up a couple of days at the Children’s. About a week off school.
C: Two nights, three days.
F: And another half day next week. Maybe another four weeks.
AM: Oh my goodness.
PainVerbal expressions of pain or discomfortC: I accidentally pulled a bit off and now my hand is stinging a lot. Um it has got two plates it’s really sore.
Practical needsInteractions surrounding changing of dressings, requesting food or drink, or the need for a showerC: Excuse me mum I know you’re doing that but can you get me a glass of water please?
M: Yep.
C: Thank you.
Being carefulSome children were warned against future injury.C: Hey! Hop on your motorbike! What?
M: You’re on your last warning on that bike okay?
C: Okay.
M: You understand? Mummy’s just really worried that only a week ago… You’ve got to look after yourself alright? I know it’s just a baby’s balance bike but still, you’ve got to be careful.
Missing outSome children expressed disappointment at restrictions from their injury.C: Do some running and maybe do some jogging you can do all the activities and you can get it wet. Okay? Okay? Let’s think that. Especially that I can get it wet. Cause they’re going swimming.
M: I know
C: They’re going swimming mum.
M: I know
C: That’s so not fair. You know I love swimming. Its not fair. How come I have to miss out on all the good stuff?
  • *Minor details removed for confidentiality.

  • AM, adult male (not father); C, child; F, father; M, mother.