TableĀ 2

Attendance rates at each AMHT and EIS service in OHFT out of total number of possible staff

TeamPresentation dateStaff attendance
Oxford Early Intervention Services25/11/201510/14 (71%)
Buckinghamshire Early Intervention Services26/11/20157/19 (37%)
Aylesbury Adult Mental Health Team2/12/201516/43 (37%)
Chiltern Adult Mental Health Team9/12/201510/84 (12%)
North and West Oxfordshire Adult Mental Health Team15/12/201523/53 (43%)
South Oxfordshire Adult Mental Health Team16/12/201516/53 (30%)
Oxford City and North East Adult Mental Health Team23/12/201520/65 (31%)
Total attendance rate102/331 (31%)
  • AMHT, adult mental health community team; EIS, early intervention services; OHFT, Oxford Health Foundation Trust.