Table 1

Details of apps dedicated to depression and anxiety within the NHS health apps library

App nameFocusSpecific patient benefits reported?Evidence to substantiate claims?Use of NHS accredited performance metrics?
Hands up therapyDealing with emotions▸ Feeling more relaxed/at peace.
▸ Achieve a successful ‘present moment’
GinsbergImproving emotional well-being▸ Improve health and well-being.
▸ Identify triggers for stress, poor sleep and anxiety
MindfulnessRelieving stress via meditationReduce stress and increase well-beingNoNo
Black rainbowRelieving depression via relaxation, meditation, poems and recordingsBeat depressionNoNo
WorkguruReducing work-related stress via CBT, mindfulness, job coaching and positive psychology▸ Building resilience and managing stress
▸ Achieving a happier working life
MindlogrSelf-reflection to improve well-beingLearn, grow and create more meaning in your lifeNoNo
Five ways to well-beingSelf-reflection to improve well-beingImprove well-beingNoNo
SAM: self-help for anxiety managementSelf-help, self-reflection exercises to manage anxietyUnderstand and manage anxietyNoNo
Happy healthySelf-reflection, mindfullness and activity loggingIncreased mental well-beingYesNo
Moodkit-Mood improvement toolsCBT▸ Manage stress, depression, anxiety.
▸ Improve mood and optimism
BuddyappDigital support tool adjunct to therapy to reinforce positive behavioursSupport therapy services by reinforcing positive behavioursNoNo
Big white wallOnline community guided by medical health professionals to improve mental health▸ Improve well-being
▸ Manage psychological issues
▸ Reduction in depressive symptoms
MoodscopeMood-tracking systemStabilise and improve moodYesYes
  • CBT, cognitive-behavioural therapy; NHS, National Health Service.