Hormone therapy v placebo for postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease

Mean change in scores (hormone therapy v placebo, p value)
Outcome at 3 yearsAll patientsWomen with flushingWomen with no flushing
§p Values not reported.
Physical function–4.4 v –3.1§–3.1 v –2.2, p=0.42–4.2 v –3.3, p=0.04
Energy/fatigue–4.6 v –3.0§–2.3 v –2.4, p=0.99–4.6 v –3.1, p=0.03
Mental health–0.2 v –0.9§+2.6 v –0.5, p=0.04–0.06 v –1.1, p=0.40
Depressive symptomsNo data available§–0.5 v +0.007, p=0.1–0.08 v +0.06, p=0.08