Difference in mean scores on various outcomes comparing a community based intervention with a hospital based intervention for parents of children with behavioural disorders

Outcomes at 1 yearDifference (95% CI)p Value
Intensity of child's behavioural problems—parental report−9.8 (−20.2 to 0.6)0.06
Intensity of child's behavioural problems—teacher's report 1.8 (−12.9 to 16.6)0.81
Parental depression−1.7 (−4.7 to 1.3)0.28
Effect of child's behaviour on family−0.5 (−2.2 to 1.2)0.57
Parental criticism of child−0.2 (−1.1 to 0.7)0.64
Parental report of parenting problems 0.1 (−0.2 to 0.4)0.38