Context/SettingTypes of evidence preferredCommunications formats used
Researchers Universities; private sector; discipline oriented; long term time framesOriginal research; peer reviewed; scientific > qualitative; basic > applied researchAcademic journals; academic meetings; internet
Clinical Community practice; clinical management; patient oriented; short term time framesPractical summaries; clinical applications; patient preferences; applied > basic researchColleagues/conferences; summaries/reviews; audit/feedback; professional journals
Administrative Public agencies; programme oriented; population oriented; varying time framesPractical summaries; programme evaluations; cost effectiveness; applied > basic researchSummaries/reviews; personal contacts; conferences/meetings; internet, journals, media
Legislative Elected fora; problem oriented; responsive to crises; varying time framesProblem summaries; policy solutions; cost effectiveness; anecdotal > scientificStaff briefings; personal contacts; polls, constitutents; media