Risperidone v pimozide in children and adults with Tourette's disorder at 8 weeks†

OutcomesRisperidonePimozideRBI (95% CI)NNT
Mild or no symptoms on TSSS Global Severity Rating Scale54%38%44% (−22 to 175)Not significant
Much or very much improved on CGI scale65%63%4.6% (−32 to 63)Not significant
†TSSS=Tourette's Syndrome Severity Scale; CGI=Clinical Global Impressions; PGI=Patient Global Impressions; RBR=relative benefit reduction. Other abbreviations defined in glossary; RBI, RBR, NNT, and CI calculated from data in article.
Much or very much improved on PGI scale58%63%7.7% (−47 to 42)Not significant