Table 1

Mean change from baseline (SD) in scale scores comparing ziprasidone and haloperidol, intramuscularly (IM) and orally, in acute psychosis†

Outcome up to day 3IM ziprasidoneIM haloperidolp Value
BPRS total−6.24 (8.30)−3.18 (6.55)0.02
BPRS agitation items−1.93 (3.41)−0.80 (2.81)0.02
CGI-S−0.49 (0.68)−0.15 (0.53)0.002
Outcome at day 7Oral ziprasidoneOral haloperidolp Value
†BPRS=Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, CGI-S=Clinical Global Impressions Severity Scale.
BPRS total−8.76 (11.62)−5.83 (9.50)0.09
BPRS agitation items−2.09 (4.41) 1.59 (3.61)0.19
CGI-S−0.89 (1.23)−0.38 (1.17)0.03