Table Mental health topics prioritised by HTA advisory panels

Primary and community careEffectiveness of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and general practitioner care for depression in general practice
Long term effectiveness of treatment for depression
Systematic review of the effectiveness of day care for people with severe mental disorders
Treatment of depression in adolescents
Management strategies for chronic fatigue syndrome
Acute sectorSystematic review of outpatient services for chronic pain control
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression
Diagnostics and imagingComputed tomography, magnetic resonance imagining, and cerebral blood flow imaging using radionuclides in dementia
ScreeningOpportunistic screening for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption
Screening for postnatal depression
PharmaceuticalsThe cost effectiveness of depot neuroleptic preparations (systematic review)
Management of patients on long term benzodiazepine medication
New drugs for Alzheimer's disease
MethodologyHealth status measures for people with cognitive impairment