14 e-Letters

  • Not Proven
    D B Drysdale

    Dear Editor

    I just loved the commentator, Karl-Heinz Schultz's use of the Scottish "Not Proven"! It is a much too little used verdict, especially in psychiatry where both sample and effect sizes are small and the science usually poor.

    Douglas Drysdale
    Consultant Psychiatrist

  • Expression of gratitude
    William M Bolman

    Dear Editor,

    I wanted to express my gratitude for the discussion of this important article by a physician knowledgeable in clinical research methodology and statistical analysis. One of the biggest problems in reading the contemporary literature is understanding these areas. For me it was invaluable.

    William M Bolman

  • Serotonin, Norepinephrine, or Folic acid deficiency, or Hypothalamico-Pitutary-Adrenal Dysfunction?
    A Karim Al-Sheikhli

    Dear Editor,

    It was very interesting to read the paper by Coppen & Bailey. Enhancement of antidepressant action of fluoxetine by folic acid,a randomised placebo controlled trial, J.Affective Disorder 2000 Nov 60:121-30. I think there is a lot of research work which implicates Serotonin ,Norepinephrine deficiency. Others implicate Hpothalamico-Pitutary-Adrenal Dysfunction. Also the number of patients whi...

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  • Role of Narrative Based Practice in Psychiatry?
    Mohan Chawla

    Could you give some advice on Narrative based practice in Psyciatry as I do strongly feel that it has clinical value and I want it to get its appropriate place in clinical practice with increacing emphasis on evidence based practice?