2 e-Letters

published between 2007 and 2010

  • Brief advice good enough
    Sahoo Saddichha

    The review by Havard and colleagues [1] does not take into account the fact that brief advice, either oral or written, is good enough to bring about behavioral change. To have such a group as the control group is self-defeating. In fact, in an emergency department (ED) setting, where both emotions and tension run high, it would be futile to try and attempt other time-consuming interventions such as motivational interviewi...

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  • ADHD behaviour
    Billy Levin

    Dear Editor

    The only method of improving the behaviour of ADHD children is to make them teachable. To become teachable the medical treatment needs to be titrated to an optimal dose, given every day without exception and monitored with an effective rating scale on a monthly basis.