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Functional recovery is limited in people with bipolar disorder

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Q What is the prognosis for people hospitalised with first episode bipolar disorder?


Embedded ImageDesign:

Prospective cohort study, part of the larger decade long McLean-Harvard First-Episode Project.

Embedded ImageSetting:

Inpatient units at McLean Division of Massachusetts General Hospital; 1989 to 1996.

Embedded ImagePopulation:

173 people (mean age 33 years, 55% male) were consecutively recruited within 72 hours of psychiatric hospitalisation for manic (75%) or mixed (25%) episode bipolar disorder (DSM-IV criteria). Exclusions: current substance withdrawal, delirium, previous psychiatric hospitalisation unless for detoxification only, documented IQ <70, ill for >1 year, previous treatment with a mood stabiliser or antipsychotic for >3 months in total.

Embedded ImagePrognostic factors:

Participants were assessed weekly until discharge. Semistructured telephone interviews were conducted at 6, 12, 24, 26, and 48 months by experienced assessors. Information obtained included symptoms, occupational status, residential status, current treatment, and determination of syndromal, symptomatic, and functional …

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