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Supervised co-prescription of heroin to treatment-resistant heroin addicts is more effective than treatment with methadone alone

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Q Is supervised prescription of heroin successful in treating people addicted to heroin, who have not benefited from methadone maintenance treatment?


Embedded Image  Design:

Two randomised controlled trials.

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12 months.

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Methadone maintenance programmes in 6 cities in the Netherlands; recruitment from 15 July 1998 to 1 October 2000.

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549 people aged ⩾25 years; using illicit heroin daily or almost daily, and not voluntarily abstaining from heroin for ⩾2 months in the previous year. Participants must have regularly attended methadone maintenance programmes during the previous 6 months and used methadone at a dose of ⩾50mg/day for the inhaling heroin RCT and at ⩾60mg/day for the injecting heroin RCT for a minimum uninterrupted period of 4 weeks in the previous 5 years. People were …

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