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Anxiety Disorders in Adults. An evidenced-based approach to psychological treatment
  1. Robert J Edelmann, Honorary Professor, Chartered Clinical Psychologist
  1. University of Surrey Roehampton and University of Keele

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McLean, PD, Woody, SR. Anxiety Disorders in Adults. An evidenced-based approach to psychological treatment. Oxford: Oxford University Press,2001.

According to McLean and Woody, evidence-based practice involves “knowledge of the scientific findings, effective transfer of technology from science to practice and sound measurement of client progress (p10).” Their book aims to summarise treatment outcome studies and provide tips on how to assess progress during therapy. Given the vast and expanding literature about anxiety disorders and the difficulty of keeping our practice informed by current research, this is an admirable aim.

The book is part of the “Guidelines in Clinical Psychology” series edited by Beutler and Clarkin. One of the authors is a Professor of Psychiatry and the other an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia. The book is organised into …

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