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Personality disorders have a differential effect on the outcome of anxiety disorders

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 QUESTION: What effect do personality disorders have on time to remission in people with generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder or social phobia?


Multisite cohort study.


USA. Enrolment January 1989-November 1991 with 5 years of follow up.


514 participants in the Harvard/Brown Anxiety Research Program with at least one past or current episode of panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder or social phobia; a personality disorder assessment, and course data available for a least 6 months. Mean age 40 years; 66% women.

Assessment of risk factors

Axis I disorders were diagnosed at study enrolment using a structured diagnostic instrument (SCALUP). Axis II disorders were assessed at 1 year follow up using the International Personality Disorder Examination. Major depression was controlled for.

Main outcome measures

Time to remission (defined as occasional mild …

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