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At 10 year follow up, brief interventions had no effect on harmful alcohol consumption

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 QUESTION: What is the long term impact of brief interventions for harmful alcohol consumption?


10-year follow up of a 9-month randomised controlled trial.


6 general practices, 1 hospital outpatient service and 1 privately run health screening programme in Sydney, Australia.


554 non-dependent `harmful drinkers' taking part in the Australian arm of the WHO brief interventions for alcohol treatment project; 37% women; mean age 40 years. Recruitment criteria included weekly consumption of at least 300g alcohol for men or 180g for women; 2 or more episodes of binge drinking per month, or alcohol related harm in the previous 6 months followed by continued drinking. Exclusion criteria were regular alcohol consumption within 2 hours of waking; history of antidepressant or antipsychotic medication; major psychiatric disorder; hospital admission for an …

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