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PDQ evidence-based principles and practice
  1. Gavin Hui, MD
  1. Halton Healthcare Corporation
    Milton, Ontario, Canada

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The purpose of this book is to be a “Pretty Darned Quick” guide to the principles of evidence-based health care (EBHC) and to the use of healthcare databases to retrieve methodologically sound studies. The book targets health care professionals who might be interested in making EBHC decisions. The main author is a librarian, who shares her many years of experience and expertise as an information retrieval professional.

McKibbon A, Eady A, Marks S. PDQ evidence-based principles and practice. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: BC Decker Inc.; 1999.

The text is organised by category of research. Individual chapters cover studies of therapy, diagnosis, aetiology, and prognosis. Systematic review articles, clinical practice guidelines, economic …

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