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Critical appraisal for psychiatry
  1. Patrick G O'Malley, MD, MPH
  1. Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    Washington, DC, USA

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The aim of Critical appraisal for psychiatry is to provide a brief, but comprehensive, introduction to the underlying concepts and practice of evidence-based mental health. It is targeted to psychiatric trainees preparing for the MRCPsych part II exam, but it should also appeal to more senior and junior psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who need more than a superficial understanding of evidence-based medicine concepts. I believe this book will also be a useful resource for anyone interested in practising or teaching evidence-based medicine.

This resource is a collaborative effort by 3 authors from the Department of Psychiatry at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh. It is a concise yet extraordinarily comprehensive discussion of the basic concepts of evidence-based medicine. It is …

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