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Children with Asperger's syndrome had higher socialisation scores and fewer autistic symptoms than children with autism

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QUESTION: Do children with Asperger's syndrome have different socialisation and autistic outcomes at 2 years than children with autism?


Inception cohort with mean follow up of 26 months.


{4 community clinics and 2 university clinics}* in southern Ontario, Canada {that specifically provide services to children with a pervasive developmental disorder}*.


68 children (4–6 y) who were diagnosed with autism or Asperger's syndrome based on the Autism Diagnostic Interview (1988 version), and had either a Leiter intelligence quotient (IQ) score >68 or a Stanford-Binet IQ score >70. Children who were diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder but were not testable, or had a mental age score of less than half their chronological age on psychometric testing, were excluded. The criteria for Asperger's syndrome were …

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