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Stimulus control combined with relaxation improved sleep in secondary insomnia

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QUESTION: In older adults with secondary insomnia, how effective is a combined treatment consisting of stimulus control and relaxation in improving sleep?


Randomised {allocation unconcealed*}, unblinded,* controlled trial with 3 months of follow up.


Outpatient psychological services centre in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.


49 patients who were ≥58 years of age and had insomnia secondary to a psychiatric or medical condition. Inclusion criteria were concern about sleep, daytime impaired functioning, and disturbed sleep (taking >30 min to fall asleep, awake during night for ≥30 min, or early morning awakenings). Disturbed sleep had to occur >3 times per week for ≥6 months and mirror the onset and severity of the primary disease. Exclusion criteria …

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