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There has been an explosion in the creation of evidence resources over the past several years and it is now becoming a challenge for clinicians to find the most valid and useful evidence based resources with which to practice. Beginning with this issue a section entitled “Resource Corner,” will publish reviews of evidence based health care resources written by front line clinicians. These resources will include journals (primary and secondary), evidence based textbooks, computer software, and websites. In the future, each issue of the journal may contain up to 2 reviews of such products.

Only clinicians without competing interests in the resource under review will be asked to write a review. Our reviewers will be asked to consider specific methodologic guides (available to view on when assessing these resource products. In particular, they will consider if the authors of the resources have identified explicit criteria for determining the validity of the evidence and if they adhere to these criteria. The reviewers will also provide a “bottom line” recommendation indicating if and how the resource could be used in practice

These resource reviews will also appear in one or both of ACP Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine and were inspired by their editors.

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