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Welcome to our new associate editors
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We have two new associate editors joining our editorial team. The first, David Haslam, MD, MSc, was trained in medicine at McMaster University, Ontario, and completed his postgraduate training in psychiatry at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, in 1999 (picking up the Laughlin Prize of the American Psychiatric Association on the way!). He is currently a staff psychiatrist at North Bay Psychiatric Hospital in Ontario. David has extensive knowledge of psychiatry, clinical epidemiology and evidence based practice. As well as using evidence based strategies daily in his clinical practice, he has developed clinical practice guidelines (The Canadian Anxiety and Mood Disorder Network Guidelines on the treatment of bipolar disorder) and has extensive experience teaching evidence based practice, both in North America and the UK. He will particularly strengthen Evidence-Based Mental Health in its coverage of general adult psychiatry, joining the editorial team in the challenging task of extracting the most clinically useful information from the large numbers of phase III pharmaceutical trials that are published each year. We are delighted to welcome David to the editorial team andconsider ourselves extremely fortunate to have secured the services of such an enthusiastic and gifted clinician.

Carolyn Bryne is another addition to our editorial team and will specifically help us with the selection of qualitative studies for Evidence-Based Mental Health. Carolyn is a professor in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, and has published extensively in the mental health field for many years. She has a particular interest in qualitative studies, their methodological rigour, and their application to psychiatric nursing. The editors are committed to making available the best and most clinically relevant qualitative studies that complement and enhance the quantitative evidence with which we are more familiar. We also are very keen to include colleagues in psychiatric nursing among our readers and commentators. We are delighted that Carolyn has accepted the challenge of helping us to reach both objectives, and we look forward to her contributions to the journal.

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