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Children with mental health disorders have lower symptoms of depression 3 years after contact with mental health services
  1. Paul Stallard
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Commentary on: Neufeld SA, Dunn VJ, Jones PB, et al. Reduction in adolescent depression after contact with mental health services: a longitudinal cohort study in the UK. Lancet Psychiatry 2017;4:120–127.

What is already known about this topic

Adolescence is a critical period for the development of depression with prevalence rates rising sharply from childhood to early adulthood.1 Many adult depressive disorders have their first onset in adolescence2 with longer episode duration being the strongest predictor of future problems.3 In addition to increasing the risk of later mental health problems, adolescent depression is associated with significant educational and social impairment and is a major risk factor for suicide.1 Providing effective early interventions to shorten the duration of episodes and potentially reduce the impact on later life is therefore important.3 This study explores this question and compares the effects of …

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