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Evidence-Based Mental Health: the first year
  1. John Geddes, MD1,
  2. Shirley Reynolds, MSc1,
  3. David Streiner, PhD1,
  4. Peter Szatmari, MD1,
  5. Nancy Wilczynski, MSc2
  1. 1Editors, Evidence-Based Mental Health
  2. 2Research Associate, Evidence-Based Mental Health

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This is the first issue of the second volume of Evidence-Based Mental Health (EBMH). The continued existence of the journal shows the number of high quality studies in the field of mental health. The contents of the journal also highlight the fact that high quality research is done across a wide range of disorders and in a wide range of populations. We believe that this is particularly important in the area of mental health, where it is often believed that an evidence base is missing. We applaud the efforts of researchers worldwide who often struggle to obtain funding for research into these disabling disorders and to get those findings published. The global burden of mental disorders is now increasingly acknowledged,1 and we hope that a commensurate increase in funding is made available to allow improvements in both the quantity and quality of mental health research.

Production of EBMH

The basic production process of EBMH is similar to that for Evidence-Based Medicine and involves a comparable number of steps and individuals.2 We would like to thank the editorial staff at McMaster University (research associates Cindy Walker-Dilks, and Angela Eady; production supervisor Dawn Jedraszewski; and editorial assistants Laurie Gunderman, Bharati Purohit, and Nancy Bordignon) and at the BMJ Publishing Group (technical editor Susan King and marketing executive Ruth Straube). Thanks also to the clinicians who have provided commentaries over the past year, their input has been invaluable and this journal would not be possible without them. We currently have 230 commentators from 22 countries registered on our database. …

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