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Review: reality orientation improves cognitive functioning and behaviour in dementia

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Question In elderly people with dementia, does reality orientation therapy improve behaviour and cognitive functioning?

Data sources

Studies were identified by searching Medline (1966–97), PsycLIT (1974–97), EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, OMNI, BIDS, Dissertation Abstracts International (1861–1997), and SIGLE using the terms reality orientation, dementia, controlled study, and trial; searching relevant internet sites (Healthweb, Medweb, Mental Health Infosource, American Psychiatric Association, Internet Mental Health, and NHS Confederation); handsearching 6 journals and the Alzheimer's Disease Society library; reviewing bibliographies of identified articles; and contacting experts.

Study selection

Studies were selected if they were randomised controlled trials evaluating the effectiveness of reality orientation in elderly people (mean age >55 y) with a diagnosis of dementia according …

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