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Prevalence of adolescents' suicide attempts and self-harm thoughts vary across Europe

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Question: What is the prevalence of suicide attempts and self-harm thoughts among adolescents in Europe, and what are the associated sociodemographic and behavioural variables?

Population: 45 806 students aged 15–16 years who participated in the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs, including the Psychosocial Module which contained questions on self-harm thoughts and suicide attempts.

Setting: Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Isle of Man, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, UK, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, Belgium (Flanders) and Armenia; 2007.

Assessment: Participants completed an anonymous questionnaire comprised of questions regarding suicide attempts and self-harm thoughts, substance use, and family structure and socioeconomic status. Questions included the presence and frequency of suicide attempts and self-harm thoughts, the frequency of current smoking, current alcohol use and any lifetime use of illegal drugs. Students also reported whether or not they were living with both parents, and how well off they perceived their family to be compared with other families …

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