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Sibling recurrence rate of autism spectrum disorders is 18.7%

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What is the sibling recurrence risk of autism spectrum disorder?


664 infant siblings (≤18 months) of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs, including autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder or a pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified). Participants were recruited from ASD clinics and the community. Most sites verified the diagnosis of the older sibling using standardised diagnostic assessments and/or parent diagnostic interviews. Only one infant per family was included in the analysis, and the youngest eligible child was selected.


12 Canadian and USA university sites in the Baby Siblings Research Consortium; time period not stated.

Risk factors

An older sibling with ASD and no identified neurological or genetic condition that could account for ASD diagnosis. Analyses took into account significant demographic and child-specific predictors of outcome.


Diagnosis of ASD at 36 months, defined as scoring above the ASD cutoff on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, and receiving a …

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