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‘Tuning in to Kids’ parenting programme improves parental emotional awareness, and child behaviour and emotional knowledge

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Can the ‘Tuning in to Kids’ (TIK) programme modify parent and child behaviour and emotional awareness?


216 parents of a child aged 46–68 months at their first assessment. Children were attending preschool. Exclusion criteria were insufficient parental English language skills and diagnosis of a communication or developmental disorder in the child.


61 preschools in Melbourne, grouped into 12 clusters depending on their proximity to a venue where the intervention could be delivered; programmes delivered during 2006–2008.


The ‘TIK’ programme was delivered by trained facilitators as a 6-week programme comprising weekly group sessions lasting for 2 h. There were two booster sessions given 2 months apart after the intervention ended. Training techniques included role play, exercises, emotion regulation strategies and problem solving. Control group participants were placed on a waiting list for intervention at a later date. Instruments used for measurement of outcomes in parents included a Parental Emotional Style Questionnaire (derived from the Maternal Emotional Style Questionnaire) and some derived subscales (the …

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