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Girls who have bullied others by age 8 are more likely to have a child when they are teenagers

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Is there any association between bullying behaviour at age 8 and becoming a teenage mother?


2507 female participants of the Finnish 1981 Birth Cohort Study. The original sample included all children born in Finland in 1981 (n=60 007); a 10% sample was selected, and, of these, 5813 (96.6%) participated in baseline data collection in 1989, of which 2867 were female. Information on childhood bullying and births under the age of 20 years was available for 2507 females (87.4%).


Multicentre child psychiatric study, Finland; register based follow-up data were available for participants until the end of 2001.

Risk factors

Childhood bullying behaviour or being a victim of childhood bullying, as self-reported by the child, parents and teachers. Children were asked how often they bullied others, or were themselves a victim of bullying (1, not usually; 2, sometimes; 3, nearly every day). Parents and teachers were asked to respond to similar types of questions, for example, they were asked to say how well this statement applied to their child: the child bullies others/is a victim of …

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