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Risk of death from natural causes increased in people with psychiatric admissions

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Is the risk of mortality from natural causes in people with psychiatric admissions elevated compared to people without psychiatric admissions?


All Danish adults (about 4.1 million people) aged ⩾15 years registered with the Civil Registration System (a register of all births, deaths, immigrations and emigrations) between 1973 and 1993. All citizens have a unique registration number that allows linkage between different databases.


General population, Denmark; time period studied January 1973 to December 1993.

Prognostic factors:

Psychiatric admissions, identified through the Psychiatric Centre Register, which includes all admissions since 1969. Admissions were separated into 11 diagnostic categories based on ICD-8 coding of their primary diagnosis: schizophrenia, affective psychoses, non-affective psychoses, neurosis, psychopathy/personality disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse, organic psychoses, presenile/senile/vascular dementia, learning difficulty or other non-psychotic conditions.


Death from natural causes, identified through the National Causes of Death Register. Natural causes of death were grouped into 9 broad groups based on ICD-8 coding: cancer, circulatory, lung, gastrointestinal, …

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