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    With this issue of EBMH I am pleased to be able to introduce a new forum that allows you to comment upon, criticise, or contest what we publish in the journal. HeadtoHead is our collaborative blog, replacing the eLetter facility, and allowing readers to respond more quickly and easily. You will be able to comment on any article immediately and your thoughts will be posted on EBMH Online, allowing others the opportunity to respond. In launching this blog our hope is that HeadtoHead will foster an exchange of ideas as well as influence what the journal offers its readers. Postings will be screened but we are keen to encourage robust debate at EBMH. So as long as you’re not libellous or abusive and your comment or response is relevant you will be heard. Feel free to be prolix, ask a seemingly daft question, or simply point out when something just doesn’t make sense. We will start the blog with postings from the journal’s Associate Editors and myself; let us know via a reply if there’s something you’d like to post. Visit the ebmh-HeadtoHead site ( where all you need to do is click on the posting’s title, read, then click on the “respond” icon. The conversation starts here.

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