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A different look
  1. Steven Reid, Editor

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Those of you reading EBMH online will not notice, unless you download our pdf files, but there has been a change in the appearance of the journal. We have redesigned the layout to create more space and make the presentation clearer, and hope that this will make the journal more engaging and easier to read—we also have a new cover. The content of the journal remains the same and we would like to thank all 112 commentators who have reviewed abstracts over the last year. The commentaries are an invaluable addition to the journal, placing each study in its clinical context. New commentators are always welcome, so if you come across an article that you think merits inclusion and would like to pen a commentary, contact us at the EBMH editorial office (alan.lovell{at} You won’t get paid but all of our content is indexed in Medline. Could there be a finer reward?

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