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Significant and increasing depressive symptoms are associated with increased risk of new cardiac events in people with a heart attack in the previous year

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Q Do depressive symptoms predict the risk of new cardiac events in people with a recent heart attack?


Embedded ImageDesign:

Prospective cohort study.

Embedded ImageSetting:

Four hospitals, the Netherlands. Recruitment: September 1997 to September 2000.

Embedded ImagePopulation:

528 people (81% male; mean age 61 years) with clinically diagnosed myocardial infarction (chest pain for ⩾20 min, creatinine phosphokinase MB levels ⩾10% or creatinine phosphokinase 100% above normal, and new pathological Q waves on ECG in ⩾2 leads). Exclusions: poor physical condition; life expectancy ⩽1 year due to another condition; non-Dutch speaking; cognitive dysfunction; heart attack occurred after admittance for another condition; or follow-up planned in a hospital not involved in the study.

Embedded ImagePrognostic factors:

Depression assessed at baseline (in hospital), 3, …

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  • For correspondence: Peter de Jonge, PhD, Oostersingel 59, Box 30001, Groningen 9700RB, the Netherlands;{at}

  • Source of funding: Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, the Netherlands.

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