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All the evidence that’s fit to print
  1. Steven Reid, Editor
  1. Evidence-Based Mental Health

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Is there sufficient evidence available to guide mental health care? That was a question often asked when this journal, Evidence-Based Mental Health, took on the formidable task of providing summaries of the best available research that was relevant to clinicians. As the journal enters its 10th year it seems clear that, although often difficult to find, there is an abundance of evidence out there and EBMH fulfils an important role in identifying findings that are reliable and clinically useful. The success of the journal is a reflection of the continuing demand for rapid access to high quality evidence from its readers. It is also in no small part due to the dedicated supervision of the editors: John Geddes, David Streiner, Peter Szatmari and Graham Towl, who after many years in the saddle have …

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