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Early attentional difficulties were associated with later academic failure and arrests

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Question Is there an association between attentional difficulties at 8 years of age and psychosocial outcomes at 18 years of age?


Cohort analytic study (Christchurch Health and Development Study).


Urban region of New Zealand.


A birth cohort of 969 children.

Assessment of risk factors

At 8 years of age maternal and teacher reports of the child's inattentive, restless, or hyperactive behaviours were obtained using an instrument that combined the Rutter and Conners parent and teacher questionnaires. A scale score was created and cut points divided the sample into 5 class intervals of inattentive behaviour (1–50, 51–75, 76–90, 91–95, and 96–100 centiles). Data on conduct problems and demographic, school, educational, and …

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