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Family therapy improved outcomes in patients with early onset and short history anorexia nervosa

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Question Compared with individual supportive therapy, can family therapy for 1 year improve the outcome at 5 years for patients who have been treated in hospital for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa?


Randomised controlled trial with 5 years follow up.


A hospital eating disorders unit in London, UK.


80 patients (age range 14 to 55 y) who had anorexia nervosa (n=57) or bulimia nervosa (n=23) and were discharged from hospital after treatment. Patients were classified into 4 groups according to the features of their illness: early onset (≤18 years of age) and short history (<3 years) of anorexia nervosa; early onset and long history (≥3 years) of anorexia nervosa; late onset of anorexia nervosa (>18 years of age); …

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